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By Razib Khan | June 3, 2009 12:04 pm

It’s My Ritz in a Box
Comps readings: virtual communities
Articles I want to read: May Geology edition
Confabulatory hypermnesia, or severe false memory syndrome
Evolving an Altruistic Robot

  • Matt Springer

    “In the long run, Darwinian selection acts upon cultures. But us in the world at large can’t wait for that to make the current cultures of Liberia and Congo go extinct, taking millions of people with them.”
    From our own Aardvarchaeology. My initial instinct was to post the total fertility rates of Liberia (#5), Congo (#6), and Sweden (#151, the native country of the writer of that sentence). But I didn’t. I mean, I know what he meant to say, but I also know he didn’t say it.

  • razib

    math is hard :-)


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