Basketball in China

By Razib Khan | July 23, 2009 3:57 am

In China, a Rocky Ascent for Basketball. I love this quote:

Chinese players like Wang Yong of the Dongguan Leopards support the increased participation of foreign players. “Chinese and foreign players are a harmonious blend,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot from them this season and feel I am a better player.”

  • Kevin

    Great article with great one-liners! Here’s another:
    “This season we will put a knife to the neck of any referee who is involved in match-fixing or bribery,” Liu Xiaonong, the commissioner of the C.B.A., said last year…
    Bonzi Wells is lazing across the article’s first image in front of his bench.
    It was either Jeff Van Gundy or Hubie Brown who said emphatically of coaching Wells during a live broadcast: “Once was enough!”
    Any blend which has Bonzi in it cannot be harmonious.
    I remember reading from Gabe Muoneke’s blog that he was attacked by five Chinese guys after a game in a tunnel leading out of a stadium. The strangeness of the event was not lost on Gabe. Since when does that happen outside of a kung fu movie?


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