China's 2 child policy

By Razib Khan | July 24, 2009 6:46 pm

Shanghai urges ‘two-child policy’:

Officials in Shanghai are urging parents to have a second child, the first time in decades the government has actively encouraged procreation.
A public information campaign has been launched to highlight exemptions to the country’s one-child policy.

H/T Aziz

  • Otto Kerner

    The one-child policy was always dumb. It should have always been two-children, if they decided that population control was necessary in the first place. And they should have let people keep having children if they wanted to until they had at least one boy. I guess that’s de facto the case in the countryside already.

  • pconroy

    The One Child Policy is genius!
    Of course the urban poor can only have one child, but the relatively wealthy – was mostly Communist Party members and their affiliates – can have as many as they can afford. Ergo, breeding less criminals and more higher IQ individuals in one fell sweep!
    As a freshman in college in New York about 20 years ago, I wrote an essay in favor of this policy and my English professor refused to grade the paper unless I recant?! I went to see her and she said that my English composition was second to none, but as a committed feminist she found my argument odious. I requested that she give me the A that I deserved, but she refused, saying that I had to rewrite it against this policy. I stalled till the last semester before graduating, when I finally caved in and rewrote it arguing against this policy, for an A grade. My first experience with Re-Education Through Labor (aka 劳动教养)!!!


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