The rise of Megan Fox, the decline of Jessica Alba

By Razib Khan | July 27, 2009 5:40 pm

jessica_alba_vip_01.pngIn the post below I wanted to have an attractive female headshot, so I naturally looked for something from Megan Fox. A few years ago I probably would have used someone like Jessica Alba. In fact, I did use Alba as an “illustration” a few times in this blog’s history. But 3 years is a long time, and Fox is the new thang in the air. But I wanted to make a bit more precise my subjective impression, so I thought Google Trends might be helpful. I think it can be argued that Jessica Alba’s “peak” was the mid-2000s, and the trend data goes back to 2004. And so below, the results….
It’s rather clear. Fox has eclipsed Alba. At least among the set who use search engines to find more “data” on young starlets. How does Megan Fox relate to other celebrities? Below are comparisons with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

The Google Trends data misses the more robust period of Spears’ popularity, so Megan Fox is clearly not yet the cultural icon that Britney Spears was. But remember that “Britney Spears” was for a long time the most searched query on the internet. It looks right now though that Spears & Hilton need to come up with something new to stay in the public eye, they don’t have Fox’s freshness. It should be concerning to both Hilton and Spears that they seem to be in secular decline, but it is simply a fact that they were figures of the turn of the century, and a new decade is dawning….

  • ElamBend

    What’s really interesting is how similar Fox and Alba look in the photos you posted.

  • TGGP

    I’ve heard the name but I don’t know anything Fox was in. I know Alba was in a scifi tv show and some dumb-sounding movies. Then she dropped off the face of the planet. Or I did. Anyway, I have it on the reliable word of Jackie Harvey that Lillian Gish is set to make a comeback and show these flash-in-the-pan starlets what’s what.

  • Ross

    “though that Spears & Hilton need to come up with something new to stay in the public eye, they don’t have Fox’s freshness. “
    Michael Jackson showed how a blast from the past can dominate the headlines again.

  • ABC

    Well you got that right. Megan Fox is a trend just like Jessica Alba was. (and thats the most photoshopped pic of megan i’ve ever seen – hardly looks like her) but anyway the only one who will ever have standing longevity is Angelina Jolie. Something many don’t know is that Megans agent is the one who started the Angie rumors, and she still uses her name to keep her own name in headlines. There is a video out there of herself saying it. That’s why people call her a wannabe.

  • Jess

    Once Megan dies out, who will be next? There is some 16 yr old girl walking around who is going to take her place in a few years. And then to take her place, there is a 10 yr old playing at home. And so on. And so on.


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