Tim White, Scientific American, open access to fossils

By Razib Khan | August 26, 2009 3:07 am

Kambiz Kamrani of Anthropology, normally a rather staid blogger, has posted something titled Science Suffers From The Idiots At Scientific American. It’s in reference to this widely circulated editorial, Fossils for All: Science Suffers by Hoarding. I can’t really summarize it, and I think the title certainly does invite you to read the whole post at Anthropology.net

  • John Emerson

    Sounds like any political feud about anything anywhere. I certainly know which side of the feud Kamrini is on. Fifteen years still seems like a long time to restrict access to a fossil. It reminds me of the Dead Sea scrolls, which were kept secret for decades.

  • Eric Johnson

    John Emerson said it. I skimmed Kamrini: so there’s a partisan engagement going, and some of it’s kind of underhanded, at least according to Kamrini’s side. Cry me a river. Bottom line: is there some arcane technical reason for taking fifteen years to “prepare” a fossil? I really doubt it, and if there isn’t, why should I care about the partisan drama.
    In other words, if one party is quite right about the whole issue, then a daub of mud on their hem is not interesting.


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