Remember the lizard men

By Razib Khan | October 29, 2009 5:22 pm

Carl Zimmer points me an article about a former anthropologist who has some weird ideas about the origin of man:

Since his resignation from the university in 1990, however, Horn has changed his tune. Once a staunch Darwinist and tenured CSU anthropology professor, Horn has devoted the last 19 years of his life to the study of alternative theories of human origin.
After receiving a doctorate in anthropology from Yale University and while teaching at CSU, Horn focused his energies on the study of the evolution of non-human primates, his wife Lynette Horn said.
He now advocates the theory that modern man is not the result of a natural process of evolution, but that evolution was artificially aided by reptilian extraterrestrials. The reptilians bred mankind as servants and continue to rule the planet today, Horn said.
Reptilians have manipulated perceptions of world history and hold power over humankind through their influence over an elite and powerful group of humans, known as the Illuminati, Arthur said. Throughout human history, the reptilian beings have been recorded as dragons or gods.

Thought it was a joke, but it looks real.

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  • EMJ

    Well, as we all know from the documentary V: The Final Battle, the Reptilians are here to harvest us as meat. Thank goodness there are courageous scholars like Horn who are focusing attention on our true overlords.
    In all seriousness though, what a kook.

  • Russell

    No more crazy than young earth creationism, and perhaps more entertaining.

  • Carl Zimmer

    As you’d expect, this ties into the Balloon Boy saga. Details:

  • Fargo

    Perhaps he’s read The Illuminatus! Trilogy a few too many times?

  • Epicanis

    So, these Illuminati…are they hiring?

  • bioIgnoramus

    “The shift in Arthur’s focus came …”: I do think “shift in focus” is a wee bit understated – “plunge into lunacy” might be nearer the mark. Poor bugger, but I dare say he’s happy enough.

  • Siamang

    At first I suspected this was viral marketing for the V tv miniseries.
    This IS the second time in as many days as I’ve heard about the “reptilians”.
    Someone at ABC publicity is doing their job.

  • Badger3k

    I welcome our (old) Reptoid overlords!
    I think he’s closer to David Icke and his ilk than the serpent-people of King Kull. As far as I recall, they didn’t create man, just came before (and were defeated by them).
    Epicanis – since you’ve asked, the black helicopters are on their way to your location as you read this…..

  • Joshua Zelinsky

    I don’t fully understand why so many of the people with strange ideas about Reptillian aliens feel a need to connect them to the Illuminati. The general tendency among many conspiracy theorists to combine conspiracies together is fascinating. But even as these combinations occur, the people who make them seem to lack strong enough imaginations to make really sweeping ideas.
    The world needs a better class of conspiracy theorist.

  • miko

    I see someone else is still haunted by “V”–that poor guinea pig! Maybe this is a publicity stunt for the remake premiering next week.

  • Ross

    Secret reptilian overlords is David Icke’s conspircacy theory isn’t it?
    If the reptilians went to the trouble of creating us then I guess that it’s only fair that we are their servants.

  • Joseph J. Steinberg

    I’ll ask Razib and commenters what I asked Carl Zimmer: How can a married man rationally decide to quit his prestigious job and become a professional crackpot? So, I ask, anyone, just how lucrative is a career in woo these days? I’m not talking about what James Randi does, but rather 100% crackpot charlatans.
    I also have to wince at the references to Asian woo. Americans have the silliest notion of anything that’s not Christianity.

  • razib

    joseph, did you read the article? here:
    The shift in Arthur’s focus came shortly after meeting Lynette, who was then a metaphysical healer, he said. After many conversations over the telephone, Arthur and Lynette finally met face-to-face in July of 1988 when they spent a week in Northern California’s Trinity Mountains searching for Sasquatch, commonly known as Bigfoot.


    I think Sasquatch is really trying to frame the lizard men whom everyone knows are peaceful quiet creatures. As opposed to those giant secretive apes. They probably fling poo too!

  • Eric Johnson

    JSJ, who knows, but I would imagine this person probably became mildly organically psychotic. Chasing psychic healers of the fair sex could reflect prodromal abnormalities, even if he wasn’t full blown at that moment.

  • Eric Johnson

    This is priceless:
    “I think this is a really relevant convention,” CU alumnus and metaphysical student Matt Chambers said.
    It sounds just like something someone would say at a super-hip Silicon Valley trade show.

  • OneSTDV

    There has to be some sort of Xenu connection.

  • darrenbk

    If you are ever up late at night and bored, turn on AM radio and look for “Coast to Coast Live” with George Noury et al. It’s syndicated just about everywhere in the US (not sure about elsewhere.) Its on almost all night, every night and features discussions of all this Conspiracy/Paranormal etc. stuff, sometimes skeptical and intelligent, sometimes credulous.
    It also features discussions on politics, history and science, sometimes ‘sensational’, sometimes not. I’m a skeptic, but the show is anthropologically fascinating, and has kept me up nights past my bed time.

  • Shnugi

    I just saw the trailer for V + read up on the original and this feels like part of a viral marketing campaign.

  • Joseph Steinberg

    Razib, I read that, quoted that. I still don’t understand. After I fell in love, I started asking for bigger paychecks. I didn’t lose touch with reality. Really, is there a listing for the woo industry? Maybe I’m missing an opportunity!


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