Yes, Biblical fundamentalists are not bright

By Razib Khan | January 19, 2010 11:34 pm

Tom Rees reports on an analysis of the GSS which point to the correlation between low verbal skills and a Biblical literalist outlook. Well, I’ve talked about this at length. Religion & IQ, Biblical literalism or low IQ: which came first?, Pentecostals are stupid? Unitarians are smart? and Educational levels & denomination. Poking around the GSS the powerful correlates of belief in the literal truth of the Bible (variable “BIBLE”) jump out at you.


Comments (3)

  1. Chris Irwin Davis

    Thanks for the GSS link. I also noticed similar correlations between low education and:
    * belief that politicians know more about stem cell research than scientists do
    * dislike/mistrust of atheists.
    * belief that strict discipline will cure behavioral problems
    * belief that unions are important for job security
    * belief that astrology is scientific
    * disbelief of evolution/natural selection
    Argh!! GSS is a spare time vortex.

  2. John Emerson

    # Being married at any time (although getting a divorce helps repair the damage)
    # Having children

    Marriage seems to depend on compromises, which might be easier to make for people who think less clearly.
    Not mentioned: inarticulate geeky techie types.

  3. Chris Irwin Davis

    @John – How does it follow that compromise is easier for those who think less clearly?


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