Pacific Biosciences: is the hype for real?

By Razib Khan | February 28, 2010 2:57 am

Check out Dr. Dan MacArthur’s assessment of the Pacific Biosciences presentation at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference. Also check out Genetic Inferences take on AGBT (yes, they’re really original with catchy blog names at the Sanger Institute!). In any case, a friend of mine was raving about Pacific Biosciences a few months ago, so I assumed it would blow up soon.

  • bioIgnoramus

    “Many interesting critters have had this treatment, including bonobo, panda and Desmond Tutu (in order of majesty).”
    Bloody British blog – he doesn’t say whether that’s ascending order or descending order.

  • Roko

    As a bio-noob, I’ve often wondered what the fuss is about. Are we just talking about a machine that can economically sequence a whole human genome here?
    Presumably the killer app of such technology is to sequence a large number of people and get a statistical version of the genotype-phenotype mapping, so that we can know what treatments, etc will work on a person because we know what worked on other individuals with similar DNA sequences. Or am I missing something here?


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