USA beats Finland

By Razib Khan | February 26, 2010 8:27 pm

US routs Finland 6-1, will play for hockey gold. It’s really not even fair; this is a nation which was oppressed by Swedes for nearly a thousand years. I really hope those losers beat Slovakia so we can face them for the gold. Most of the time we don’t have to think about them, except in the areas of humor and hockey.

  • Shane Kretky

    Someone’s going to get a hurt on real bad… ((Oh, I hope they face a hot Luongo))

  • Lassi Hippeläinen

    D’oh. Strategic retreat. Easier opponent in the next game.

  • dave Chamberlin

    Further tips on mocking thy neighbors. It’s hard to get under the skin of a Canadian, they just don’t have the proper feelings of inferiority to jab. Now our neighbors to south on the other hand, they are fun to provoke. We beat them in soccer about half the time, which like hockey in Canada is thier national sport. I love to tease them everytime we win that maybe soccer just isn’t their sport, maybe it’s basketball.


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