A few Americas

By Razib Khan | April 4, 2010 11:18 am

The Best Jobs Report In a Long Time:

Less than a high school diploma: 14.5%
High school with no college: 10.8%
Some college or associates degree: 8.2%
Bachelor’s or higher: 4.9% (this is near full employment from an economic perspective).

If you read the media sometimes it seems like the past recession was total hell in the white-collar sector, but really it wasn’t (comparatively). For what it’s worth, 84% of readers of my weblogs have university degrees or higher….

(Yes, I know the issues in regards to underemployment, part-time employment and those who have dropped out of the labor force, but all the issues seem more relevant to those with less education from what I’ve seen. Correction with data welcome)

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  • cgray

    Of Democrats, by Democrats, for Democrats. To think, if liberalism actually worked in the real world, everything would be great!

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  • http://calculatedexuberance.blogspot.com/ Thorfinn

    The media of course are in the bottom group, and their primary social circle is there too. They just have very little idea of what’s going on in worse education brackets.

    The change from “some College” to graduate is huge; larger than the shift from High School to some College. Perhaps we spend too much time focusing on High School dropouts and College enrollment; and not enough time on making sure College graduates finish (assuming these are to a degree causal, and not entirely signals).

  • http://www.libertypages.com/clarktech Clark

    It’d be interesting to see those broken down by region as well.

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