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By Razib Khan | April 8, 2010 2:28 pm

“Positive” Results Increase Down the Hierarchy of the Sciences. Physics is more objective than psychology. Too bad they didn’t include even softer disciplines like history or literature, though I don’t know how they’d do that since the methodologies start to get weird.

The first metazoa living in permanently anoxic conditions. Wow, even complex organisms don’t need oxygen necessarily.

Small Cancer Protection From Fruits And Vegetables? There really needs to be a reformation of the publishing of correlations coming out of nutritional studies, as people are way too apt to act on provisional findings.

Why Do We Dream? Trippy.

Why Investors Won’t Revolt. Shareholders demand risk. More risk = more reward (and more downside). Most people can’t give you alpha so they’ll swap in beta and pretend.

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  • dan

    1st link is a gold nugget if i’ve ever seen one. nice link digging, razib. thanks

  • bioIgnoramus

    “In this population, a higher intake of fruits and vegetables was also associated with other lifestyle variables, such as lower intake of alcohol, never-smoking, short duration of tobacco smoking, and higher level of physical activity, which may have contributed to a lower cancer risk”. That opens the possibility that the effect of the “other lifestyle variables” is large enough that the fruit-&-veg diet is actually associated with a higher risk of cancer.


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