Daily Data Dump (Monday)

By Razib Khan | April 26, 2010 4:45 pm

How do non-genic polymorphisms influence disease risk? It might be gene expression and regulation.

Law tackles U.K. caste discrimination. Britain’s doing a great job assimilating at brown people with their ‘authentic’ barbaric traditions, isn’t it? (of all religions) Viva la multibarbarism!

Why Belief in God Is Not Innate. I think the author is trying too hard, playing shell games with various types of non-Christianity. Unfortunately this area is dominated by pro and anti religious polemicists who wish to promote a strong and exclusive form of their prediction.

Complexity and Diversity. Frequency dependence is critical in maintaining variation on the intra and inter species level. Economists aren’t the only ones who need to move beyond equilibrium thinking.

Liars’ Brains Wired Differently. I think many of you will click this, so I’ll let the title speak for itself.

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Comments (7)

  1. dan

    3/5 nuggets bookmarked for later! thanks, Raz. good digging

  2. thanks dan. i like the links, and the data dump posts are very good for them. no need to compliment my links, i get it 🙂

  3. miko

    Hmm… some confused interpretation (or confused science reporting)

    “More white matter – the wiring in the brain – may provide liars with the tools necessary to master the complex art of deceit, Raine said. ”
    “Pathological liars can’t always tell truth from falsehood and contradict themselves in an interview. ”

    Regarding that last trait, apparently so do some USC researchers.

    And the hand waving about the “function” of white v. gray matter is just embarrassing, but I didn’t read the paper so who knows.

  4. dan

    point taken, Raz. you gotta promise to keep the gold nuggets comin’, though. I need this info to lord over my friends and you’re my genetics guy;)


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