Muhammad in a bear suit

By Razib Khan | April 21, 2010 12:45 pm

Muslim Group Says It Is Warning, Not Threatening, ‘South Park’ Creators. Here’s a screen shot from the cached version of the site (it was hacked after the threat):

The website is run by a dozen crazy people. No word on crazy Buddhists objecting to the fact that Buddha was depicted as a cocaine snorting junkie in the episode. It’s a two part episode, so watch the finale tonight.

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  • tgt

    Good to see the Islamists standing firm against infidel Bear Suit representation of Big Mo. Can’t have that. Evil, I say, evil. And islamaphobic. And, uh, really bad, too. Leave Muhammad’s goo alone! His magical goo is further proof he is the one true prophet. Muhammad has the one true goo. Say no to infidel goo, especially dirty coke-snorting Buddhist goo, the worst goo of all.

  • Katharine

    I suggest we anonymously mail them various insulting depictions of their favorite prophet!

  • Dragon Horse

    Whatever,South Park has made fun of Jesus, the Pope, etc. They need to do what other people do, if you don’ t like it, don’t watch it. Or better yet go to an Islamic Paradise where you have the same living standard and don’t have to see or hear about things that offend you. But wait, where would that be? Same livin…g standard? Hmmm…Guess there is no place that has 7th century Medina rules and has 21st century living standards…shocking….

  • Chris TMC

    The kicker is that it wasnt even Mohammed IN the bear suit, it was Santa Claus. So these idiots were getting hysterical over Santa Claus in a Bear suit.

  • omar

    The second part sort of sucked. Did comedy central actually beep out all references to the holy prophet (pbuh) and the dialogue at the end or was that a joke? If it was a joke, it was a bit too subtle.
    So I guess the bottom line is, the taboo still stands. The holy prophet (may peace be upon him) remains safe from ridicule on all major media (unless you count the fringes of the internet as “major media”). Well, thats not really true. The first episode was hilarious and most people would correctly regard that as ridiculing the notion of his inviolability, if not his actual historical memory. But round two goes to the Islamists.

  • Anonymous

    omar, why do you say “peace be upon him” EVERY SINGLE TIME you mention your prophet? No wonder so many Muslims are nuts.

  • Razib Khan

    omar, why do you say “peace be upon him” EVERY SINGLE TIME you mention your prophet? No wonder so many Muslims are nuts.

    dude, chill out. that’s an innocuous thing. let people believe what they want and say what they want so long as they don’t break your bones :-)

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  • Muhammed is stupid

    I want to tell these Islamists and all other religious people- not even the extremists- I believe religion is a cancer on this earth. It distracts from actual civil behavior, it causes wars and intolerance, and is another “us vs them” scenario. It is disgusting irrational behavior.

    If I had the power, I would eradicate it.

    I have asked people (who I consider friends) if their religion is the right one- and they defiantly say “yes it is the absolutely correct religion.” I have brought 2 friends together with opposing religious and they say to each other the same thing. Its completely stupid.

    Religion is a mental disease.
    Religion is a brain disorder.


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