By Razib Khan | May 14, 2010 11:42 am



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  • http://vcurat.net Martin

    An increasingly useful model organism, and a fine companion.

  • dan
  • http://rfmcdpei.livejournal.com Randy McDonald

    Teh cute.

    Do you think that cats are the cephalopods of the vertebrate world?

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp Razib Khan

    when cephalopods domesticate a sentiment species, i’ll buy it.

  • bioIgnoramus

    ” a sentiment species”: either witty or Freudian.

  • Mary

    “I think Razib is so cute. Don’t you? I’m going to keep him. Don’t you just love my blue eyes? You know Siamese are the smartest cats. There’s data. You know that black male short hairs are extremely dumb. A lot of anecdotal evidence. I could quote you story after sad story. But black female short hairs. Now that’s a whole other hair ball of wax. Stay out of those bitches’ way. I’m just sayin’. Ooops, excuse me, I must be off, I feel an extremely anti-social mood coming on.”

  • http://www.cthisspace.com Claire C Smith

    Ow mene Katz kan Khan hav? Zo mene Katz, zat ther ar Katz popin outz of zide of uther katz.

  • MK

    Does the grey fluffy (possibly Norwegian Forest breed) one get on with these two?

  • http://www.cthisspace.com Claire C Smith

    Katz out of the sides of other katz, Fraktal. Mandelkat.

    Second pic: Razib, the Siamese one – is your cat plugged into the mains? It looks like white cord near it at bottom. Solar powered batteries might be better option (can take cat outside too). My cat is self generating – eats cat food and spiders and green beans (from my plate – not the spiders) and on this occsaion, does not prefer Cheeze Burgers.

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  • Alex

    Ragdoll with half-Ragdoll offspring? Very cute.


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