Which journals do you have in your RSS?

By Razib Khan | May 6, 2010 10:46 am

I don’t subscribe to Science or Nature‘s RSS feeds because I assume if there’s something of interest to me, I’ll hear about it when it comes out. But I do subscribe to the RSS feeds of more obscure journals of interest (e.g., THe American Journal of Human Genetics). What journals do you subscribe to which don’t have such a higher profile?

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  • Rice

    I’m guessing these are a little outside of Razib/gene expression readers’ area of interest, but I subscribe to Environmental Science & Technology and Ecological Engineering.

  • Melissa

    Same – I’m related to mechanical engineering. I subscribe to CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology and the International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacturing. They are high profile journals in my field, but I use the RSS feeds because I like to know what my colleagues from other universities publish the minute their papers are out.

    I read about biology and genetics only to change my mind.

  • http://backreaction.blogspot.com/ Bee

    I don’t subscribe to any journals, but check the arxiv daily (at least in areas of research).

  • http://www.funwithln2.com Jon F

    Aside from the blogs I subscribe to J Neurosci, Nature Neurosci, Nature Reviews Neurosci and PNAS. The last of which is rather silly because, due to their embargo period, if there’s an interesting article in it I hear about it in blogs two weeks before it’s published.


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