Daily Data Dump – Friday

By Razib Khan | June 25, 2010 11:52 am

23andMe research article finally published. Dr. Dan MacArthur offers his take on a new PLoS Genetics paper which was published using 23andMe’s user base. Of course there’s already information coming out of 23andMe’s user community not getting into the academic literature, see this comment below.

Group Solidarity and Survival. For what it’s worth, I think group solidarity was critical for human survival and flourishing. I suspect it was responsible for the secular increase in cranial capacity for most of hominin history.

Adverse drug reactions from psychotropic medicines in the paediatric population: analysis of reports to the Danish Medicines Agency over a decade. This looks like a correlation, so there might be the issue of the type of woman who is prescribed psychotropic medicines being more prone to have children with birth defects for other reasons. But something to think about.

Trust and Prosperity. This issue is not salient unless you move. There is a difference in trust even within the United States; rural Vermont vs. downtown Boston. The explanation for this difference is straightforward, but there are probably more subtle differences between societies. On an individual level I wonder at the aggregate decrement in productivity and energy due to having to “track” very vigilantly whenever you’re in a public place in a low-trust situation or society.

China’s Export Economy Begins Turning Inward. Remember that China’s population is about the same as the whole world in 1850.

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