Daily Data Dump – Tuesday

By Razib Khan | June 22, 2010 12:56 pm

Sexual urges overcome cultural taboo. So it turns out that the female children of immigrants from conservative societies (South Asian and Islamic) are paying for hymen restoration surgeries. The more interesting question would be if these children become sexually conservative themselves, perpetuating the life history trajectory so that their own children have to go through these sorts of reconstructions.

Vitamin D Deficiency Due To Genetic Variants. Vitamin D supplementation is all the rage right now. What if its efficacy and necessity is conditional on genetic background?

Is the “missing heritability” right under our noses? The issue may have to do with the exigencies of research programs, not a deep scientific mystery.

A Singular Kind of Eugenics. It seems “privilege” is the new hot-button for Lefties who are skeptical of assisted reproductive technologies and genetic modifications. I suspect it’s a Left-wing buzzword which is equivalent to Righties who bring up “dignity” or the “wisdom of repugnance.” Much easier than having to generate clear prose and understand the complex motives which underpin an issue. Buying really expensive smartphones and pure entertainment machines like iPads also are manifestations of privilege. So what distinguishes X from Y? Not the commonality, privilege, but perhaps the same gut intuitions which Right bioconservatives are willing to man up to, repugnance. Some privileges are repugnant (biological interventions) and some frivolous (iPad). Also, when did discourse replace discussion and privilege replace class?

Saltie Makes a Sandwich Almost Entirely Out of Lettuce. There is nothing magical about meat; it’s all about the flavor.

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  • Melissa

    “There is nothing magical about meat; it’s all about the flavor. ”

    Methinks meat is about as magical as a food can get. The magic secret to that sandwich, and many other delicious foods, is anchovies. There is nothing like oily fish/fish sauce to add real flavor to things. Salad dressing without anchovies is a sorry thing.

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  • Paul D.

    “There is nothing magical about meat”

    Unless it’s the new white meat.

  • http://haquelebac.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/my-fossil-railroad/ John Emerson

    Hymen reconstruction surgery was easily available in Taiwan in 1987. It just replaced old folkish methods of faking it.

  • bioIgnoramus

    “Buying really expensive smartphones and pure entertainment machines like iPads also are manifestations of privilege”: no they’re bloody not. They are manifestations of wealth and status-seeking. Privilege involves things not available for nice, clean money, such as “legacy” admission to Harvard.

  • bioIgnoramus

    Or, come to that, affirmative action admission.


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