You have no privacy, deal with it

By Razib Khan | June 24, 2010 12:36 pm

The Washington Post‘s blogger-journalist Dave Weigel has a post up where he preemptively apologizes for stuff he posted on an “off-the-record” e-list,. Extracts are going to be published by a gossip site. Journalists are the tip of the iceberg; privacy is fast becoming a total fiction, remember that. We’re slowly drifting toward David Brin’s model of a “transparent society”, but it’s happening so fluidly that people aren’t even noticing. And yet as I have noted before, people are resisting the push to merge all their personas into one. Interesting times.

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  • Joshua Zelinsky

    Completely offtopic, but some older posts seem to not be resolving. It looks like they are primarily posts that were supposed to have migrated over from scienceblogs. The very annoying gap is which I wanted to link someone to but isn’t showing up.

  • Razib Khan

    joshua, they’re in there, i just couldn’t get the redirects to work right. search the archives by month and you’ll find them.

  • Joshua Zelinsky

    Yep, that worked. Thanks.

  • seti

    Well, for cases like that… nick name, email address that is not connected with any actual job place or “social websites” and everything through a “free-proxy”. For more paranoia… free wi-fi connection from a pub, library etc. using a second-hand laptop with some free OS installed on it.
    Or just talk it over a beer (not mandatory but still…) with good friends, in some private place after forbiding the good friends to use the nasty phone recorders, cameras etc etc (taking out the batteries would do the trick).

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  • denature

    I don’t think it qualifies as a ‘transparent society’ moment if we don’t get to simultaneously see the Drudge et al e-mails at the same time.


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