Daily Data Dump – Thursday

By Razib Khan | July 8, 2010 12:46 pm

The Gender/Math Gap. Ziel takes a closer look at the SAT gender gap.

Ticking Biological Clock Increases Women’s Libido, New Research Shows. The study is from David Buss’ group, which is known for this sort of sensationalist stuff. That being said, it seems like you could turn this into a book titled “The Dirty Thirties.”

Genetic Ancestry in Lung-Function Prediction. Basically the more African a black American is in their ancestry the worst their pulmonary function. Importantly they didn’t control for socioeconomic status and other background variables, which may correlate with African ancestral quanta.

Clues of Britain’s First Humans. 800,000 years ago there were hominins in Britain. You find primates in the weirdest places….

Gene Knockout Makes Female Mice Masculine. Perhaps the gender identities of mice are not socially constructed.

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  • bioIgnoramus

    “You find primates in the weirdest places….”: York and Canterbury, especially.

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  • Old Jim

    So Albion’s Seed was right about slavery being kept out of the northern colonies because of high pulmonary infections in slaves. Or at least the idea is more plausible now; it’s strange you don’t see it discussed more often in other histories.

  • znz

    The gene in the mouse knockout study is called FucM.

    So female mice with the FucM gene will let male mice mount them and those without it won’t, huh?

    I mean, come on, is a 12-year-old naming these genes?

  • Chris T

    The SAT average math score has been increasing over time. This would almost certainly bring down the male-female ratio as more people fall into the extremes of the test.

  • http://www.parkourvisions.org Rafe Kelley

    Is it just me or does it seem that the Buss study does not bear directly on actual sex drive but more on sexual selectivity. From an evolutionary pysch perspective a young female would seem to gain more by being choosy she has years to bear children ahead of her and a better likelihood of commanding a high value comitted mate if she guards her sexuality a bit more. An older women has less value to command commitment and less time to wait for it, so would seem to be more likely to be open to shorter term mating strategies. The drive could be equal or even higher in the younger female but this could be simply dampened by stronger inhibition against short term mating strategies.

    Thats my just so story anyway.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp Razib Khan

    rafe, yeah, that was my interp too. so it’s not just you.

  • http://lyingeyes.blogspot.com ziel

    Chris T – but it was fairly steady over the last decade, and the gap has continued to decrease through it. My guess is that the decreasing gap at the high end might be more due to increased participation of high-achieving students – particularly girls – from ACT-dominant areas. But I’ll take a closer look if I have time this weekend.

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  • Chris T

    ziel- Good point, taking the SAT in ACT dominated states is pointless if you don’t intend to apply out of state. I knew some (very smart) people who took the SAT just to see how they would do on it. Having two standardized tests makes any study based on national data for one test suspect.


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