Daily Data Dump – Thursday

By Razib Khan | July 15, 2010 2:09 pm

Brain Size Associated With Longevity in Mammals. Doesn’t necessarily entail causation in one particular direction.

A Model for Transgenerational Imprinting Variation in Complex Traits. Easy to conceive of how these sorts of scientific models could be leveraged in public policy discussions.

The Evolutionary Case For Monogamy? Ctd One issue with eliding the distinction between the is and out is that the is often describes an aggregate population level phenomenon. If there is a lot of normal variation in the trait what it tells you about optimal medium/long term choices for individuals may be nothing.

By the Numbers. About the misuse of statistics in the media and policy debates. Seems to focus on blatantly made up or implausible numbers, but there’s another problem insofar as it’s not that hard to “cook the books” in a lot of social science. Regressions don’t come up “correctly”? Perhaps reanalyzing the data differently, or rerunning the survey but coding the responses in a different fashion, will help. In these cases the researchers may even be sincere, since they “know” that the model they’re testing is robust and valid.

The Evolution of Cooperation. Cooperation exists, so there needs to be a material cause. Though I’m not sure if nature of the phenomenon is analytically tractable to the puny human mind.

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