Daily Data Dump – Thursday

By Razib Khan | July 22, 2010 4:46 pm

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Yes, We Should Clone Neanderthals. Even if modern humanity decides to not do something like this (though at some point in the medium-term future I assume the technological feasibility will be a low enough hurdle that a private lab could do it without much notice), there is fruit in having the discussion.

Brain Scans May Help Guide Career Choice. I wonder at what point “brain scan” will no longer be so sexy. I doubt brain scans as such add that much value to something like career choice over standard psychometrics.

‘Counterintuition’, the Human Microbiome, and Why Fluency in Math Matters. If you are person who likes to think a fluency in mathematics is essential.

Why Do Some Like It Hot? Because we like the sensation of danger! Three years ago I did 7 days of hot sauce.

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  1. Gary

    I think beef is #1. Charcoal grilled shrimp is great too.

  2. On cloning Neanderthals, the biggest objection I see is the same one as with keeping severely impaired very-premature babies alive. I’d just expect that the cloning wouldn’t quite work and you’d just have this miserably sick human.

  3. I don’t quite see the point. All of its culture would have been lost. If they were anything like humans, all of the interesting things they do are transmitted through experience – none of which the clone would have.

    Could we even really get a good grasp of what their capabilities would have been? If raised as a human, we’d know what a human up-bringing given to a Neanderthal clone would be, but not what they would have been like. Even failing to learn human skills wouldn’t necessarily be informative.


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