Daily Data Dump – Friday

By Razib Khan | July 9, 2010 12:54 pm

Wealth and Obesity: A Bolivian Perspective. Inverted correlations of socioeconomic status and obesity in one country.

World Recovery Continues, But Risks Increase, Says IMF. Interesting how volatile economic “projections” can be as you move across a window of time.

Erotic or Disgusting? Basically making gay and straight men watch regular (including “girl-girl” bracketed) and gay porn. I’m not up to speed on the alphabet soup of neuroantomy, but it seems that there were strange differences between gay and straight men in terms of how the brain reacted on neuroimagers.

How health care could lower health-care costs. Ezra Klein alludes to the theory that infection is a precursor to many more serious illnesses. I think there’s a lot to this. But, I was reminded again about the lack of power of market forces in producing medicine that doesn’t decrease your fitness until the 20th century.

Amid the Murk of ‘Gut Flora,’ Vitamin D Receptor Emerges as a Key Player. Using a mouse model.

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  • bioIgnoramus

    “I’m listening to Dr. Paul Ewald explain his theory that deadly diseases are caused by common infections. ” Is it really “his” theory? I’ve repeated for decades that everything comes down to germs or genes; I’ve long forgotten who first persuaded me that germs are much underrated as a cause of deadly illness, but it was decades ago. (To be specific, it was well before the Aussie chap proved the case for (was it?) peptic ulcers.)

  • bioIgnoramus

    P.S. I’m not trying to be boastful; on the contrary, my point is that if even I had been told “it wos the germs wot caused it”, it can hardly have been recondite biological knowledge.


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