The Human Edge (on NPR)

By Razib Khan | July 6, 2010 12:11 am

NPR has a series on Morning Edition titled “The Human Edge,” which explores human evolution and genetics. The first episode is up, Finding Our Inner Fish. They focus on Neil Shubin‘s work (also, some reporting on what fish can tell us about human skin color on All Things Considered).

As a constructive criticism, I wonder if NPR could do something with science like Planet Money.

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  1. miko

    I’m a big fan of WNYC’s Radiolab, but they don’t really follow current literature… NPG has a few good weekly podcasts that discuss current papers with their authors.

  2. Do they have any motivation to do something like Planet Money for science?

    My impression is that if they acknowledged the current state of the field in genetics, neuroscience, and sociology, their heads would explode from the dissonance with their ideological beliefs.

  3. miko

    Yeah, stupid secular liberals and their anti-science attitude.

  4. So Planet Money is worthwhile? What’s good about it?


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