The ScienceBlogs hegira

By Razib Khan | July 7, 2010 2:55 pm

I was going to post a set of links for the weblogs from ScienceBlogs who have left for new digs, but Skull in the Stars is tracking it. Probably best to check in this weekend if you’re really curious, some people are still in wait-and-see mode.

  • Billare

    Childish to the extreme, IMO. “OH NOES A CORPORATION!” “They can’t possibly do or discuss real science there, being conceived of pure evil!” The presumption of deceitful practice must be placed upon anyting that has to do with industry, despite the fact that their POV is sequestered and disclosed in a blog of its one, and they are discussing a topic well within their ken…

  • Razib Khan

    The presumption of deceitful practice must be placed upon anyting that has to do with industry

    i can see where you’re coming from, but that’s not really true. the adverts have been biased toward large corps when possible since the beginning (there were complaints even back in 2006 about some of the banner ads, but it paid the bills so nothing came of those complaints). the main issue is association, confusion & credibility (neither dave bacon nor ‘orac’ are liberals for example). a large swath of the internet was always convinced that i was a left-wing new atheist because of my domain (even some of my supposed regular readers). and this particular groundswell of furor makes more sense in the context issues with the way SEED treat(ed)(s) its bloggers. it’s probably different for the SBers who are journalists too; the blog is an extension of their professional persona and so credibility is part of one’s bread & butter.

  • Eric Johnson

    Lol. Pfizer or Merck might, at least conceivably, prefer to develop a chronic treatment of Crohn’s disease rather than a single-treatment radical cure. Especially because, men not actually being homo economicus in practice, it might be hard for them to charge as much for the cure as they could charge for the lifetime of chronic treatment. Though they will certainly go for the cure if and when their competitors already have effective chronic treatments on the market (assuming no collusion).

    But really, on the whole they pretty much totally want to know the truth, the whole truth about Crohn’s. What makes you think PepsiCo wants to know or disseminate any truths regarding nutrition?

  • John McKay

    Shouldn’t a hegira be people coming from different locations to a single destination? What’s it called when they leave that destination to return to their different homes?

  • John Emerson

    One of the areas where the market model works worst is information. If people only get the information they can afford and are willing to pay for almost everyone will be stupid. To the extent that interest groups of any kind control the production and flow of information (by suppressing inconvenient information and research and funding and broadcasting whatever helps them) the whole society will be stupid.

    This is an old, old problem, but the market doesn’t help it, and when non-market institutions like universities are marketized, the situation gets much worse.


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