Daily Data Dump – Friday

By Razib Khan | August 20, 2010 5:26 pm

Have a good weekend.

More Evidence for Hauser’s Scientific Misconduct. Stuff like this keeps bubbling up from anonymous “sources.”

Excessive regulation of DTC genomics will come at a cost. Sometimes the cost is tangible in terms of slower innovation, but sometimes it is straightforward in monetary terms as increased prices to jump through regulatory hurdles. Not that costs aren’t always justified, though in this case I lean toward looser regulation.

Male Menopause Affects More Than Five Million Men.

A General Model for Multilocus Epistatic Interactions in Case-Control Studies. With all the issues right now in GWAS not sure how important controlling for nonlinearities like epistasis will be, but there’s always a time to start.

A general basis for quarter-power scaling in animals. Biology is just a special type of engineering.

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