Google Wave is dead

By Razib Khan | August 7, 2010 12:04 am

Did you notice that Google Wave was put out of its misery? I didn’t. I guess that says something about Wave’s impact. By the end of last year my main association with Wave was that it was a way for people I was trying to avoid in other ways to recontact me. So what’s happening with Google Buzz? Is anyone using it? I never did.

Google has some great web apps. I especially love the public data explorer, which I keep meaning to utilize for social science related posts in the near future. And I use Google Docs as my “lite” quick & dirty option often. But nothing compares to what Google did to search, transforming the act of searching into “googling.” There are many large companies out there who have piles of cash (Microsoft?). Innovation which changes lives is obviously hard. Perhaps lighting just struck, and the next game-changer is not going to be from a known firm.

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  • adam

    A substantial number of people on my gchat friends list uses Buzz extremely frequently. It’s a good way to share links, discuss things, etc. Additionally, some bloggers have a Buzz presence that has a better back-and-forth with their audience than the blogs themselves. Y’know, like facebook without the hideous and claustrophobic layout. I’m always a little surprised when I learn that other people don’t use it. I wonder if it’s negatively correlated among those who share links/updates/thoughts with those who share on fb?

    Do you use gchat? I find it’s 100% replaced all my other IM platforms like Buzz has for facebook sharing. It’s not game changing, just a nice incremental improvement.

  • Razib Khan

    i use gchat. though less and less frankly. only so many hours in a day. i haven’t used any other IM system since early 2007, and i only used the other IM because it was what we were using at my workplace at the time.

  • Meng Bomin

    Yeah, I played around with Wave for a few weeks, found it to be boring and moved on and pretty much ignored Buzz when it came out. I do use gchat from time to time.

    Also, looks like Public Data Explorer is part of what they got out of buying Trendalyzer. Didn’t know that they had set up a separate site…guess I’ll have to check it out.

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  • Neuroskeptic

    I live by GMail; I occasionally use Buzz and a few of my friends do, but not seriously – as a way of telling people what you’re having for breakfast or what you’re reading, it’s no Twitter or Facebook…or rather it’s yet another Twitter or Facebook, it offers nothing new.

    Never used Wave. But I respect them for launching it. You don’t succeed if you don’t try…

  • EcoPhysioMichelle

    I don’t use gchat that much because I don’t like being instantly accessible. I don’t use any other IM system, and I keep facebook chat turned off. I’m a luddite in one respect, I guess. Text messages and twitter are instant enough for me.

  • Jon Claerbout

    I tried Google reader. Now I’m totally hooked.

  • Anthony

    Facebook came out of nowhere, to dominate a segment which had plenty of incumbents already (though only MySpace was really well-funded). Orkut, Google’s earlier offering, was a miserable failure in the U.S. and Europe, though apparently it is popular in Brazil and India. ( )

    Flickr and Google Earth were also really big, though both were developed by small companies and bought by the big boys later.

    I think if Wolfram Alpha were to ever live up to its sales pitch, it could be the next big game changer, but other than that, I don’t see anything really big on the horizon.

  • J. R.

    I used Google Wave a lot for event planning/group travel. It made a lot of sense to be able to plan group activities and let everyone plan it together; otherwise, the onus usually fell on one person. When everyone plans together, things get done quickly and no one has anyone to ‘blame’ for not letting people know.

    I use Buzz everyday; and so do most of my close friends. Its a great way to get discussions started. We all share various things we find on the internet/RSS, or thoughts that we think are controversial. Best part is, it’s indirect. Whenever someone has a chance to check the ‘buzz’, they can. Its separate from the inbox so it doesn’t mix ‘important’ email, with casual thoughts. I find myself conversing back and forth with Friends of Friends on Buzz a couple times a week.

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