By Razib Khan | August 20, 2010 1:23 pm

Just noticed that there’s a new site, scienceblogging, at It’s basically an aggregator. One-stop-shopping I guess.

  • Dhruva

    Good find razib!!!

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  • Dhruva

    Razib…what you said in other post…i hope is true… i hope you are proud person of color. i was told at genetics party that you want so much to be a european / white person. i hope report is false.

  • Razib Khan

    dhurva, i guess i’m flattered that i’m the talk of a ‘genetics party’ in the united kingdom! in any case, yes, rest assured, i don’t care about such issues contrary to what you’ve heard. now, let’s move on to other topics of more interest.

  • onur

    you want so much to be a european / white person

    Dhruva, that can in no way change the fact that he is Brown. So you can still be proud of his achievements even if the report is true.

  • Dhruva

    I’m gradstudent in California…not UK…..i hate uk and europe

    “That can in no way change the fact that he is Brown.”

    yes Razib is browner than I am and some people think i’m black

  • Razib Khan

    your IP traces to the united kingdom. in any case, stop talking about this. it’s weird.


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