Daily Data Dump – Friday

By Razib Khan | September 3, 2010 11:31 am

Have a good Labor Day weekend!

Catholics and the Evolving Cosmos. And yet 35% of American Roman Catholics are Creationists according to the GSS.

23andMe kits at some discount, with a subscription to the “personal genome service” for at least 3 months. Normal complete edition is about $500, with the discount it’s about $300 + 3 X $5 = $315. The personal genome service doesn’t look like much value-add from what I can tell, just a way to get extra money out of you. I assume they’ve calculated that $5 is a small enough amount that many people won’t unsubscribe after 3 months.

Capsaicin Can Act as Co-Carcinogen, Study Finds; Chili Pepper Component Linked to Skin Cancer. The problem is with topical creams. I keep track of this stuff because I eat a lot of spicy food. On the balance it seems that it does more good than bad, so I’m pretty chilled out, so to speak.

Insight Offered Into Superstitious Behavior Thinking about death makes people less superstitious? Can you think of a better explanation of what’s going on here?

How Bankruptcy Can Rescue Students from the Debt Trap. Yeah, I think this should be an option. The median undergrad is graduating with around a little north of $20,000 in debt, but there are people way up the scale. It’s a skewed distribution. Too many people think of student loans as “free money.” Actually, it’s someone’s money. In fact, it’s your money, whether through direct federal loans and subsidizations, or through the big pool of capital drawing on pension and mutual funds.

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  • Ethan

    Couldn’t the superstition difference just be the difference between online and offline thought? ” When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

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  • Antonio

    How reliable are the genetic descriptions provided by companies like 23andme ? I know that the results can change from one company to another, based on different methodologies and data sets. But by how much? I have reading about these tests for a while but I am unsure about the credible intervals one should assign to their findings. Also, since they are still quite expensive, it is unlikely that the same individual will be tested from several different companies, so that one can average over the bias.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp Razib Khan

    Also, since they are still quite expensive, it is unlikely that the same individual will be tested from several different companies, so that one can average over the bias.

    a lot of the people who are into this are really enthusiastic, so that’s not true. there’s a fair number of ppl who’ve done several services.

    re: data sets. complete edition allows you to download your SNPs, so that’s a way to avoid the interpretative filter. a brazilian guy who claims to have really good birth records claims that the 23andme validated his distant native american ancestry which he knew of from old baptismal records.


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