Daily Data Dump – Tuesday

By Razib Khan | September 21, 2010 10:17 am

Price’s Second Equation. David B continues his technical review of the Price Equation.

Selective pressures for accurate altruism targeting: evidence from digital evolution for difficult-to-test aspects of inclusive fitness theory. “Our investigations also revealed that evolution did not increase the altruism level when all green beard altruists used the same phenotypic marker.” Read a university press release here.

Europe Debates How to Avoid Another Debt Crisis. Recouple rights with responsibilities. What is true within societies for individuals may also operate across societies for nation-states.

Race and ethnicity. Data visualization by American city.

“Smart editorial, smart readers, and smart ad solutions”: Slate makes a case for long-form on the web. My longer posts invariably are the ones which have the “long tail” in terms of driving traffic over the years.

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Comments (5)

  1. miko

    I look at those race maps, and I just think “liberals are such hypocrites.” Grrrr!

  2. Chris T

    Slate has not impressed me on the first two and I have no opinion on the third.

  3. #1, sometimes people actually like to be around their own kind. there are black and asian professionals who would prefer to live in harlem or queens over the upper west side for reasons of cultural comfort. though yeah, white liberals are often quite hypocritical too.

  4. miko

    Actually I just found my neighborhood and it has a liberal (he he) spray of blue with green and orange highlights. So take me off the liberal hypocrite list, I inhabit a spirit-quilt of cross-cultural harmony. The guy of indeterminate haplotypes across the street even has wind chimes. We’re not like the greedy bunch of grasping red dots (with a dusting of green) just north of me, who use our kaleidescope of humanity simply as a conduit to get to Whole Foods.


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