By Razib Khan | September 24, 2010 2:02 am

I didn’t realize that Elmo is almost 40 years old. Not only that, apparently some “Sesame Street Traditionalists” refer to him as the “Little Red Menace”. Since I haven’t watched the show regularly since the 1980s I don’t have a strong opinion about his influence, malevolent or not, but generally I’m pro-Elmo. He’s not quite in the class of Mickey, but he’s definitely got a spot in the history books at this point. Here’s Elmo in the now nixed Katy Perry video:

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  • Jumblepudding

    In the Sesame Street feature film, Follow That Bird, we see a small red creature poke his head out an apartment window to welcome Big Bird back at the end. We now know he was thinking “Someday I’ll run this town.”

  • Dominic

    Pro-Elmo. FFS Man! The little red menace is an affront to original Sesame Street sensabilities. In other news, Eli Lily must be happy since clearly Elmo’s been on Prozac his entire life.

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  • April Brown

    I’ve started watching Sesame Street with my 9 month old son, and Elmo annoys the crap out of me. In the Elmo’s World segment, he keeps a mentally challenged fellow prisoner in his closet and makes him do tricks.

    Back when I watched the show, most of the puppets were adults (Bert & Ernie, Oscar the Grouch). Now many of the puppets are children, with linguistic patterns I don’t really want my son to pick up. Elmo refers to himself in the third person, and Baby Bear has a lisp. Bleh.

  • http://www.libertypages.com/clarktech Clark

    Seasame Street never was the same after first the death of Mr. Hooper and second everyone being able to see Mr. Snuffleupagus. Loved the show as a kid but my kids won’t watch it at all.


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