Melody Dye & Jason Goldman on BHTV

By Razib Khan | September 17, 2010 11:35 pm

Just wanted to give a shout-out to my friend Jason Goldman who has a discussion up at with his co-blogger at Child’s Play Melody Dye. Recommended.

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  • Sandgroper

    I was troubled by Dye’s post on Hauser, particularly by her apparent willingness to condemn him largely on the basis of speculation (at that point), and then to launch off into a tirade against the peer review process on the basis of a few anecdotal he-said-she-said stories. It did not seem like the behaviour of a sound scientist at all. But all I had to go on was one post and some responses to comments,which ranged from fawning to condemning.

    I was embarrassed for her, but in agreement with him, when Goldman censured his fellow blogger: “I think, with all due respect to my co-blogger, that you’re being far far far (that’s 3 fars) too speculative.” ” I think it’s irresponsible to participate in this sort of name-calling.” For the careful and reserved Goldman, a man who works with chickens, that’s pretty heavy language. To call a fellow ‘scientist’ “irresponsible” counts as heavy in my book. In engineering, that’s an ethical issue that can get you disqualified unless you can back your allegation with proof, in the full scientific meaning of the word. (Is psychology a science? Really?)

    Of course, in retrospect, Melody was absolutely right, it was egregious, no question, but we couldn’t know that at the time. Maybe she did have inside info that she couldn’t spill. But I am still somewhat troubled by the line she took in that piece.

    Consequently it was enlightening to hear her talk about the peer review process in this discussion, and I get her point. I am less troubled than I was, but still not totally comfortable – I may be doing her a gross injustice, but she still comes across as a bit of a loose cannon to me. I dunno, maybe psychology is just like that, less disciplined and more arbitrary and trivial, and populated by people with an average IQ of 100.

    I mean, if you have to spend years studying how small children learn the names of colours, when the answer is obvious to any parent with a brain who spends time with his kid, how the fuck do you ever get anything done? Do people in America get paid for this stuff?

    I think I am beginning to understand why engineers in America are right wing (as opposed to engineers in Australia, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, the Philippines, Israel, Spain, France, Cyprus, Portugal, Denmark and Switzerland, who are not).

  • Coturnix

    So, how does one embed a video into a blog?

  • Razib Khan

    i think strips embeds out.

  • Coturnix

    Yes, darn!

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  • James

    ‘Twas ever thus. Politics in academia goes back at least as far as the first shamans.

    I’m in love. Melody is super cute *and* has a degree in philosophy!


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