Open Thread – September 18th, 2010

By Razib Khan | September 18, 2010 12:41 am

Last weekend of summer. I plan to have my reviews of The Invisible Gorilla and The Lost History of Christianity up very soon. I recommend both heartily! Next in the stack: Stanislas Dehaene’s Reading in the Brain. A question was asked about the focus on extremes when it came to perceptions of the genetic influence on an outcome. The table below has mean values, 1-21, 1 = 100% genes, 21 = 0%, so 11 = 50%.

Obese white woman Drunk Asian man Saintly Hispanic woman Athletic black man
Liberal 11.24 11.8 11.94 11.83
Moderate 12.12 12.2 12.41 12.02
Conservative 12.95 12.44 12.91 12.49
No College 12.42 11.76 12.03 11.78
College 13.26 12.9 13.23 12.79
Not intelligent 12.27 10.85 11.2 10.99
Average 13.08 11.91 12.3 11.95
Intelligent 13.52 13.01 13.04 12.93
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