The seeds of another science blogging network

By Razib Khan | September 15, 2010 9:42 am

Alert! Some Big And Important And Exciting News!:

So yes, I will be working with the Scientific American editors and staff in conceptualizing, building, launching and then running a new science blogging network. How could I say No when given such a chance? To do what I love and what I think I can do well, and all of that under the banner of a magazine that was published continuously since 1845.

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  1. pconroy
  2. just to clarify, that’s bora zivkovic’s announcement 🙂

  3. Antonio
  4. dave chamberlin

    It is a good day for science journalism to see this happen. The people in this group represent journalism specialist of the highest order who deserve to get paid to write. All I’ve heard for years is gloomy predictions for the furure of making a living as a writer in any form. I can’t think of a better way to throw around my meager disposable income than to subscibe to the Wired Bloggers group.


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