A sign that Facebook has peaked

By Razib Khan | October 22, 2010 1:37 am

The other day NPR’s Planet Money quipped that the gold bubble was going to burst soon, as they’d decided to buy gold. Well, perhaps Facebook is nearing its bursting point…I created a Gene Expression fan page. I don’t have a good sense of the great utility of this sort of thing…you can after all find the two GNXP weblogs on the world wide web pretty easily. And I feed the blog posts to two twitter accounts. I can see the value-add of Facebook’s selective semi-permeability when it comes to the “social graph”, but less so for websites which have a robust presence on the internet. GNXP in some form has been around for over 8 years. I can’t but help feel that this is a flashier Geocities fan page.

Also, it has a URL that’s easy to remember: http://www.facebook.com/GeneExpression

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  • Waqas

    :) Its a double edged sword, a lot of people would get to read your blog and consequently you’d get a lot of unwanted comments, anyway great going!

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  • milieu

    The key thing with Facebook, IMHO, is its user base. I think we are in for an interesting war between Facebook and Google for internet users. And probably this is now commonly held suspicion/knowledge.

  • jeet

    I can’t but help feel that this is a flashier Geocities fan page.

    No, that would be MySpace.

  • bob sykes

    Ah, that explains it.

    Get rid of the facebook fan page. On your other blog, the link covers up two of the graphs in your first post, and there is no way to get rid of it.

    It’s a damn nuisance when you can’t even see the blog you’re supposed to be voting on.


  • Sandgroper

    Some don’t care about unwanted comment, the more the better. Depending on the subject, the stumble-on fly-by one-off throw-away comments skyrocket, it’s hits that count. You can have a stable pop of loyal informed readers who add value, and that clearly earns credit from our noble host, but that doesn’t score points with the money people. I’m guessing, I don’t know what premium they put on quality – the evidence at Sb was that the boss never read the stuff, but Discover is different and much more selective.

    The phenomenon exists of mono-bloggers, who have virtually given up on their original science theme and just blog non-stop on minor variations on the same boring thing, and guess what. You can build an international community of readers/lurkers/commenters and build a hugely interesting, intelligent, educational and helpful dialogue/network on things that matter, or you can post the same boring thing endlessly and get endless boring brain farts.

    Yes, I know Razib values quality of comment and value-add way over quantum. It’s one of the reasons I remain a long term reader and devotee, in addition to the large value of his posts, I’m in awe of his work rate, and that feeds into itself, I value the quality of his commenters, but I assume that way it takes time to build readership. But in the totality of the blogs I have sampled, which is lots over a long period, I have to assess him as the most successful in value terms in my opinion. I can’t judge John Hawks because he is a lot less prolific and does not permit comments, but I read him regularly also for the clarity of his analyses.

    Christ, I had totally forgotten about GeoCities. The speed with which we morph.


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