Friday Fluff – October 29th, 2010

By Razib Khan | October 29, 2010 9:25 am


1. First, a post from the past: Atheism, Heresy and Hesychasm. I used to post about religion a lot more, especially in the fall of 2006. That was back when ScienceBlogs was small enough and tight enough to have a back & forth discussion among the weblogs pretty easily. I also was working a lot of hours at my job at the time and that imposed a sort of tight discipline on me, I remember hustling off posts after work, before sleep, and on Saturday (into schedule queue).

2. Weird search query of the week: “dave mirra wife.” I had no idea who Dave Mirra was before I saw that query.

3. Comment of the week, in response to Daily Data Dump – October 25th, 2010:

White bread tastes good because its a more neutral base on to which to add other flavours. This is something you hicks will never understand.

4) OK, so last week’s poll didn’t work. In that it didn’t record any responses. Rather than do polls, I’ll just throw out a question, and let people answer if they so choose: which science blogs do you read? And do you have one yourself?

5) And finally, your weekly fluff fix:


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Comments (14)

  1. Rimon

    I read Dienekes and John Hawks regularly, and I have to admit that I kind of miss the old when more people posted more often.

    this isn’t a frequently updated blog – and it’s in French, but I love to look at all the pictures of different Indo European ethnic types from Central Asia, the Middle East and India here : scroll all the way through, it’s interesting.

  2. …I would think that hicks would be MORE likely to eat white bread than other people. Especially considering that I grew up in a very redneck area, and everyone I knew ate white bread.

  3. That is a very well-paved sidewalk.

  4. miko, a kat deserves no less.

  5. I have the following in my science folder in google reader:
    Barking up the wrong tree
    BPS Research Digest
    Cognitive Daily
    Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog
    Gene Expression
    Information Processing
    Mind Hacks
    Not Exactly Rocket Science

    My blog is not at all science-y, although I sometimes recap social science articles for my readers.
    Replicated Type
    The Essential Read from Psychology Today
    The Thoughtful Animal
    We’re Only Human
    Wired Science

    I haven’t trimmed any feeds in awhile – should probably do that soon.

  6. omar

    That post on religion is really really good. Do you publish anywhere else or just write on your blog?

  7. I read John Hawks, Dienekes, Tetrapod Zoology, and Ed Yong in the science department. I had a blog exploring the connection between evolutionary biology and athletic training but I haven’t had time to update in ages.

  8. DK

    Regularly, I check Sandwalk, John Hawks, DrugMonkey, GNXP and Information Processing. End up reading about a third of posts.

  9. Zora

    Language Log
    Savage Minds
    ICCI (International Cognition and Culture)
    Digging Digitally
    Book of Troogol

    Most of the blogs are social science.

    I might also mention Cosma Shalizi’s intermittent blog, Three-Toed Sloth, and his feed. He’s a statistics professor but has extremely wide intellectual interests.

  10. Sandgroper

    (a) I used to scan a lot of science blogs, and I mean really a lot, but the list has progressively reduced now to you, Hawksie, Martin Rundkvist and Dienekes (occasionally).

    (b) No.

  11. Sandgroper

    Bleh, my comment was uninformative.

    On the few blogs I still read all the time, I try to read and understand (with varying success) every post and most of the comments (not required for John Hawks, obviously).

    And I spot-pick quite a bit from your feed, which I find really useful.

  12. Nador

    I read you and The Reference Frame regularly. I occasionally check John Hawks and Replicated Typo. There are a couple of other blogs I visit once in a while.

  13. Denis Vluegt

    Add me to the list of people who regularly read this blog and Lubos Motl’s. Also visit Science 2.0 often.


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