North Korea vs. South Korea

By Razib Khan | November 24, 2010 1:13 am

There isn’t a lot of good data coming out of North Korea, but I thought the following charts would be of interest. USA and Mexico included for comparison. In case you don’t know, the South Korea = Republic of Korea, North Korea = Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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  1. Memi

    You’ve confusingly used the blue for Korea, Dem. Rep in the first chart and then yellow for it in the second and third — while the reverse for South Korea.

  2. Tembo

    According to what I’ve read elsewhere, North Korea’s official name is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), rather than just the Democratic Republic of Korea. So, it might be good to make this change.

    Aside from that, what you wrote made for a really interesting post on demographics of both Korean states, the U.S., and Mexico.

  3. Don

    DRKorea, RKorea, and China have pretty similar fertility patterns, it is in the mortality rates where one sees the effects of the Il Dynasty in DRK.

  4. dave

    The fertility chart for Mexico is also why the furor over illegal border crossings probably won’t be a huge political issue in the 2020s.

  5. David

    It looks like the fertility rate has been carried over from Mexico, through the border to the US.

  6. bioIgnoramus

    If the Russians invaded North Korea, threw out the despots and handed the country over to S Korea, they could claim to be friends of liberty, foes of famine and a hundred times more competent than the USA. I’m astonished that they can resist the temptation.

  7. Clark

    Interesting that both Koreas are below replacement in birth rate. I’m kind of surprised at the mortality rates for N. Korea but I wonder how these statistics are calculated? (i.e. how trustworthy would statistics provided by the N. Korean government for the world be?)

  8. Brian Too

    Brian’s Rule of Country Names: Any country that feels compelled to put the word “democratic” in their name, isn’t.

  9. Kostas

    That is what North Korea says about the latest incident.

    Here is an objective view on North Korea.


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