Open Thread – November 20th, 2010

By Razib Khan | November 20, 2010 9:44 am

A friend pointed me to Mapping the Measure of America. It allows for the creation of maps really quickly without any nerd-grease needed.

lifeexpTo the left is a a map of life expectancy at birth by Congressional District. West Virginia’s 13th Congressional District has the lowest life expectancy in the USA at birth at 73.93 years. Median income is $23,200. 13.8% have university degrees or higher. In contrast, New York’s 16th Congressional District has a life expectancy of 79.03 years, a median income of $17,800 dollars, and is 66.6% Latino (presumably mostly Puerto Rican since it is in the Bronx). Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, north of Atlanta, has a life expectancy of 79.06 years. Median income is $40,800. It is 72% white, 10% black, 10% Latino, and 7% Asian. Texas’s 15th Congressional District has a median income of $19,700, and a life expectancy of 80.72 years. It is 81% Latino. 15% have university degrees or higher.

Below is a map which shows the proportion lacking private health insurance by district:


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  • Steve Sailer

    Do Hispanics not smoke much? If we adjust for smoking, how much does the Hispanic advantage in life expectancy go away? I would guess some but by no means all.

    I believe there’s a white smoking belt of mostly antsy Scots-Irish running from West Virginia west.

  • Katharine

    … why are certain states just consistently sh*t, such as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Arkansas, and Mississippi?

    The refuse emanating from those states is astounding when one views the data on them.

    In addition, why is the rape rate highest in the flyover states?

    Suicide seems prevalent in the non-coastal Western states.

  • Peter

    Elderly and/or terminally ill immigrants returning to their home countries to die?

  • Razib Khan

    why are certain states just consistently sh*t, such as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Arkansas, and Mississippi?

    what metrics?

  • Divalent

    Nice looking maps. BTW, what do the colors mean?

  • Jason

    @Divalent: Darkest colours are the highest values,


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