The technology or the company?

By Razib Khan | November 15, 2010 10:52 am

TechCrunch is reporting on Facebook’s new “modern messaging system”. The first few comments immediately telegraphed my first impression: is this Facebook’s Google Wave? Interesting then to see if Facebook can make this work. If it can’t, then score one for the proposition that people don’t want a seamless integration of various tools which emerged in the 1990s and have distinctive roles today in the information ecology (IM, email, message boards, etc.). If Facebook succeeds perhaps it goes to show the importance of timing, execution and marketing. On the other hand, Mashable makes MMS sound just like a souped-up version of SMS texting, and so far less ambitious in scope than Wave ever was. Email is more formal, which is why it can be very useful in some situations. Facebook is more convenient for getting in touch with your college roommate.

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Comments (3)

  1. hansragnar

    maybe folks will simply tire of endless stunts aimed only at exploiting them by spying… look at the terms of service and see for yourselves – and is there any promise facebook has made to user they’ve kept ?

  2. ChristianK

    Google Wave failed for technical reasons. It was too slow in a time where people expect that pages appear instantly.

    Amazon found that 100 ms additional load time means that 1% fewer people buy a product.
    Google found that when they increased the amount of search results from 10 to 100 the additional load time resulted in 20% less participation.

    If facebook can build a system that works and where pages load in a reasonable time then their system won’t have the same problem that Google Wave had.


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