We live in utopia – part n

By Razib Khan | November 1, 2010 11:13 pm
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  • bioIgnoramus

    So in a thousand years or so, all Americans will be descended from Barack Obama? And George W Bush? That is, if there still are Americans.

  • Bob

    No, in a thousand years or so, all Americans will be descended from Nadya Suleman or some basketball player.

  • wendy

    How hilarious…and true. I love that guy.

  • daniel

    That’s good standup, surprisingly for an interview, and quite realistic. We take all we have for granted.

  • Paavo Ojala

    “We take all we have for granted.”
    and we have no idea how it works:

  • James

    I knew we were in heaven on earth when striped toothpaste came out.

  • somecomment

    So funny and so true. The guy’s amazing.

    But technological progress doesn’t bring happiness. Science is a method to discover reality, technology a means to make our life more comfortable. They are amazing and they improve our lives.

    But technology has never pretended to be a path to happiness. It is not its area. You would have to look for happiness elsewhere.

  • dave chamberlin

    There are some really good under appreciated stand up comics that youtube gives a wider audience. I didn’t know who Lewis C Kay was but now I do and I’ll look out for him in the future. It is nice to know some comedians can be funny because they are smart, not immature, not goofy, not forced. He has youtube clips that have been watched a million plus times. It is nice to know that youtube is more than idiots jumping off of garage roofs on each other.

  • http://www.lindaseebach.net Linda Seebach

    I thank Dave @8 for the name of Lewis Kay; I’m almost entirely innocent of television, even in its YouTube incarnation, and I wondered. Yes, he’s brilliant, especially the incidental pantomime. And just to show exactly how far my ignorance extends, who’s the guy he’s talking to?

  • http://tibettalk.wordpress.com Otto Kerner

    What a bunch of silliness. I don’t think this guy quite gets the deal with humans and happiness. Humans are like problem-generating machines. Everybody’s got problems, and, unless the problem in question is imminent painful death, everyone’s problems seem insignificant in the context of somebody else’s worse problems. It’s been like that for a long time, maybe forever. If anything, modern people have more reason to be unhappy than anyone before, since we are in a truly bizarre environment compared to the hunter-gatherer clan lifestyle that our brains are designed for. The faster things change, even if it’s improvements in cell phones and wi-fi, the worse it is from that perspective.

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