2011, onward, ho!

By Razib Khan | December 31, 2010 3:03 pm

I’m not big for introspection. So I’ll keep this plain & simple.

Thanks to Amos Zeeberg & Gemma Shusterman for taking care of the technical details of this weblog so I don’t have to deal with it. This is not a trivial matter; I’ve dealt with the technical upkeep of other weblogs for many years, and the time drain can be frustrating. Thanks to Erin Johnson, who kept house at ScienceBlogs for the first 25% of 2010. Big shout out to Ed Yong, who moved with me from ScienceBlogs, and to the whole blog crew who welcomed us.

Special thanks to Jason Goldman, Dave Munger, and Kevin Zelnio, who have given me perspective on science blogging and the world that is twitter, etc. Also Dr.Daniel MacArthur, whose copious re-tweets always seem to be accompanied by new followers (also, hope T. MacArthur enjoys his first full year). Shout out to Tyler Cowen, whose regular links have allowed this weblog to expand into the mindshare of those who read more than science weblogs. Also Reihan Salam, in the same vein. Finally, whoever reads me at the Atlantic and keeps linking to me periodically, I appreciate it.

The course of my blogging this year was strongly shaped by the ideas and thoughts of Greg Cochran, John Hawks, and Henry Harpending. Also Nick Patterson, though at further remove through his published works. Mad props to Dienekes Pontikos for the Dodecad Ancestry Project. Obviously thanks to the private foundations and governments who fund the awesome research which feeds the gullet of this weblog. 23andMe also for bringing genomics to the people.

Thanks to Ron Unz for the fellowship which allows me to focus fully on my intellectual endeavors, modest as they are.

To the commenters who keep the level of discourse high enough to periodically mitigate my misanthropy, much thanks. For all those of you who submit links from this weblog to digg, reddit, Facebook, etc., that too is appreciated. Traffic has never been a #1 priority, but I do take notice when some of my longer essays receive wide circulation. I’m amused when posts which I cobbled together in 30 minutes bring me over 100,000 page views.

Special mention of the various people associated with the old Gene Expression weblog. You know who you are.

A big shout out to the katz who allow me to post their pictures on the internet. And to all the “offline” friends, family, etc.: thanks for pulling me off the internet periodically. Though let’s watch what I eat & drink more closely from now on.

Finally, to all those who I haven’t mentioned, but should have, Happy New Year to you!!!!

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  • http://3lbmonkeybrain.blogspot.com/ Mike Keesey

    Weird, I always thought the “Katz” posts were using the German word for “cat”. Only now do I realize that it is actually a cutesy misspelling of the English word “cats” (or else the plural would have been “Kätzen”).

    Thanks for another year of enlightening posts!

  • http://bluetenlese.wordpress.com M. Möhling

    > the plural would have been “Kätzen”

    ze Katzen, if you please–let’s not go over the töp.

  • http://3lbmonkeybrain.blogspot.com/ Mike Keesey

    Whoops, was thinking of the diminutive, “Kätzchen”.


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