Goodbye Delicious

By Razib Khan | December 16, 2010 2:36 pm

Delicious is shutting down. Since I use it a fair amount, can anyone recommend alternatives?

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  • Kent Sharkey

    While it’s not a direct replacement, I switched my bookmarks over to Evernote a while back. That way you also have the option to take a snapshot of the page when you bookmark it (for future bookmarks, not the ones you import from delicious).

  • dan

    you and jason could possibly create your own private (invite only) subreddit on reddit and you’d be the moderator. then you could tell how popular each bookmark is and have comments and all that good stuff. or you could just use twitter or google reader since you’re already on there i think – and they always have a link button on virtually every page on the net. whatever it is please keep the rss going on GNXP cuz that’s my one stop shop for everything GNXP related.

  • dan

    also, you could go back to yahoo groups (if that doesn’t get shut down:)

  • Richard had a number of suggestions, along with the pointer to how to save your current bookmarks. I’ll be using one or other of them soon- probably Google, although I do use the bookmarks collabaratively to populate websites, so need to evaluate an alternative service that allows this.

  • Rich

    No personal experience, but in my Google Reader, this post from you coincidentally showed up right next to this post about a delicious replacement:

  • Joe

    If you’re just looking to track your bookmarks across browsers and computers for personal use, Xmarks is a great solution.

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  • Andrew Bookmarking like website that allows you to share with peers. Its pretty sweet, you can hi-lite parts of the page you like and tag it on your account to keep for personal use or to show other people what you found. You help their searches and they help yours!

  • Edward

    Per dan’s suggestion above, I created a subreddit for myself (FoS) a little over a year ago. I’ve grown quite fond of it.

  • Anna M

    Here is a useful link:) RT @openculture RT @sengineland: 10 Alternatives To Bookmarking since Yahoo is seemingly sticking a fork in it

  • http://thelousylinguist.blogspot Chris

    FYI: it now looks like they’re not shuttering Delicious, just trying to sell it:


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