Re-visualizing European ancestry

By Razib Khan | December 14, 2010 4:25 am

I decided to take the Dodecad ADMIXTURE results at K = 10, and redo some of the bar plots, as well as some scatter plots relating the different ancestral components by population. Don’t try to pick out fine-grained details, see what jumps out in a gestalt fashion. I removed most of the non-European populations to focus on Western Europeans, with a few outgroups for reference.

Here’s a table of the correlations (I bolded the ones I thought were interesting):

W AsianNW AfricanS EuropeNE AsianSW AsianE AsianN EuropeanW AfricanE AfricanS Asian
W Asian*-0.01-
NW African**0.19-0.160.23-0.09-
S European***-0.38-0.03-0.27-0.42-0.11-0.02-0.36
NE Asian****-
SW Asian*****0.21-0.620.740.59-0.13
E Asian******-0.270.0800.14
N European*******-0.34-0.28-0.31
W African********0.86-0.04
E African*********-0.07


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Comments (6)

  1. Naughtius Maximus

    Apologies as this is a basic question; I see White Utah appearing a lot in comparisons, why are they included? Surely the ancestry of them must be known, so do they add any “value” to these comparisons?

  2. white utah is the hapmap study group. their ancestry is known, which is one reason they’re useful. you need reference populations. here’s more on them:

  3. Matt B.

    That’s weird, Southwest Asian vs. West Asian looks like a quadratic relation.

  4. Gio

    I’ve not a lot of feeling about such correlation, because the data.
    The work of Dienekes is very impressive and interesting, but there are populations very well represented, for example Italians(NI-TS-Si) , and others with too few samples (Germans-Greeks-Frenchs). I know it’s not his responsability but I guess this vacuum invalid the work as a whole.
    Would be important to have for other countries the same different samples of Italy: Bavaria, East and North for Germany; Bretons , North and South for France; Baleari and others for Spain; and so on.
    It’s not a criticism, only a auspice.

  5. danske

    Thank you, sir.

    Would you happen to have these in higher resolution, Razib? Eyes aren’t what they used to be. 😉



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