Synthetic associations and all that

By Razib Khan | January 18, 2011 2:28 pm

PLoS Biology has four items of great interest out today:

– Synthetic Associations Created by Rare Variants Do Not Explain Most GWAS Results
– Synthetic Associations Are Unlikely to Account for Many Common Disease Genome-Wide Association Signals
– The Importance of Synthetic Associations Will Only Be Resolved Empirically
– Common Disease: Are Causative Alleles Common or Rare?

These are a response to last year’s paper on synthetic associations from the Goldstein lab. Here’s a critique of that that paper. I plan on reviewing the first in the list above soon. #3 is a response to #1 and #2 from David Goldstein, while #4 is a summation more aimed at the general audience.

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  • John Smith

    “Here’s a critique of that critique of that paper” – made me expect a critique of a critique! 😀
    Very useful entry regardless!

  • razib

    Tx. Was hurrying 2 doctor’s appointment.

  • Daniel MacArthur

    Worth noting that one of the critiques was lead by two members of Genomes Unzipped (Jeff Barrett and Carl Anderson) – I’m led to believe they’re writing a blog post about this that should go live tomorrow.

  • Razib Khan

    yeah, i figured.

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