Friday Fluff – February 25th, 2011

By Razib Khan | February 25, 2011 12:02 pm


1) First, a post from the past: “Black” & white twins again.

2) Weird search query of the week: “buff chimpanzee.”

3) Comment of the week, in response to The evolution of man is no cartoon:

I think the confounding notion here is that changes to the DNA which don’t affect a protein’s amino acid sequence are selectively neutral. It’s endemic, and yet there are several very obvious counterexamples.

True. But as a first approximation, it is still a reasonable practice. For every 1000 amino acid changes one will find A LOT more functional effects than for every 1000 silent mutations. Keep in mind that your argument can be taken in reverse, too: there are some obvious examples where amino acid change does not result in a detectable change of properties.

4) And finally, your weekly fluff fix:

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Comments (2)

  1. The fact the twin’s mum seem to be mixed race (English-Jamaican) makes this more likely. I am not sure if you followed this:

    It was also covered in the BBC but with no photos.

  2. Larry, San Francisco

    The black & white twins were really cute babies (and I have seen a lot of babies). Now that they are over 4 I wonder what they look like.


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