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By Razib Khan | February 4, 2011 1:18 pm

In the New Year’s Open Thread D. Chamberlin suggested:

I think your many book reviews ought to be more accessible. They were for me an excellent guide as to which books I should buy as well as educational in and of themselves. You have a long list of books you reccommend over on Gene Expression Classic but clicking on them just links you to the book seller. Just as a suggestion if you could link to your previous book reviews that are buried in years gone by I think many people would appreciate them as much as I did….

I have taken that to heart, and set up a new website where I am spending a little time each day adding links to a few book reviews which are “buried” in the posts of my various weblogs over the past 8 years. I’ve also added links & quick comments to books which I have never reviewed, but are part of my “cognitive furniture,” such as Introduction to Quantitative Genetics.

The basic format is this: title, cover photo + link to Amazon, and then link to review or comment. That’s it. It’s not a “blog,” but rather a site devoted to organizing stuff I’ve already put out there. My current plan is to devote about 15-20 minutes per day to putting content on the site from my “back catalog.” When I post a review to this website, I’ll also automatically link to it from there. One thing to note is that over the years I’ve stopped reading popular books on science, and focused on the primary scientific literature more, so the “books” page will be loaded with my non-science interests.

I’ve hooked “posts” into my total content feed, but you can subscribe to its own feed as well (I am also pushing the posts to my twitter feed).

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Comments (5)

  1. Ian

    Cool. I especially like the Torah-Talmud reference – clarifies the relationship between the Torah and the Talmud. 🙂

  2. gaddeswarup

    Thanks. I too found them useful and would like revisit many of them.

  3. dave chamberlin

    Perhaps Razib you can’t see the forest through the trees and see the niche that waits to be filled by yours truly. All over the world are bright bookworms who never found a professional niche that allowed them to pursue their love of reading non fiction books. (Who needs fiction when the real world is so fascinating?)They bite their tongue holding back their real opinions for fear of “nerding people out” with what they think is interesting. They are not lonely emotionally but intellectually. The normal discussions that occupy the minds of others lie outside of the shadow of experimentalism and always seem to degrade into bar room philosophy where pet theories of comic book complexity are endlessly hashed out fruitlessly.
    Ah, but enter the internet. An information revolution nearly as important as the mass printing of books. (within twenty years of the invention of printing 10 million books were in the hands of an eager audience) I am but a lowly dilettante. Just a dabbler, a non professional who loves to read sweeping books of history and science. And while I will never become a true autodidact, a self taught expert, sometimes as the saying goes the trip has no destination, the destination is the journey. Maybe it is just my emotional bias but I think these high quality books written by scientists and historians are increasing in quality and quantity. But then again maybe it is because I have someone to point them out to me. The horribly written text book may not yet be dying but it is endangered. Simple clear writting full of E-links to more complete explanations will make those damn things dinosaurs.

  4. J

    That’s hot. Thanks.

  5. Restell

    Thanks so much, Razib, for putting all these in one place. They have been hugely informative and helpful for me.


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