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By Razib Khan | March 9, 2011 1:50 pm

In light of my last post, I want to point to some groups attempting to create some “bottom-up” biological science in the real world. In the Los Angeles area you have SoCal DIY Bio, and in northern California you have BioCurious. And you also have the DIYgenomics website. Apparently the Gene Sequencer for the SoCal DIY Bio needs to be repaired, so I thought I’d pass word on. Unfortunately I do think it is possible that the government and interest groups can shut down direct-to-consumer genomics business in the United States by fiat. Business needs a legal institutional framework, so if that it is yanked away, it will whither and flee. But it is a different matter when it comes to bottom-up ad hoc civil society. Will the government threaten someone with fines and imprisonment for sequencing their own genome if they can get the resources privately? If so, this country is more screwed up than I would have thought….

Update: Also, GenSpace and Genorama.

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  1. Don’t forget Genomera — the website helping people do participant-driven research, including genomic research.

  2. And don’t forget Genspace! The first community diy bio lab, located in NYC.
    In addition to membership, we also host classes and courses teaching everything from making DNA constructs to putting them into bacteria.

    Here’s a video about one such class that Nature filmed:

  3. justcurious

    Razib, just curious, is your sideburn real in the picture on the right? It looks kinda low. If it is, why don’t you shave it? Or does your girlfriend have a thing for sideburns?

  4. Ben

    It is much more screwed up than you would have thought. Human subjects protection, for example, has become a oppressive regulatory regime; biosurety as well. Both of these could be brought to bear quickly against anyone who violates the captive government that serves lawyers best of all.

  5. i don’t shave it cuz my FB friends said they liked it 🙂

  6. Chris T

    Human subjects protection, for example, has become a oppressive regulatory regime; biosurety as well.

    Aye, I work with human subjects in a research lab and it gets pretty silly. You can run an experiment but not be allowed to advertise it except by word of mouth without approval.

    Then there are quite a few different boards you have to get approval from before you can actually do anything.


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