Mapping ADMIXTURE components

By Razib Khan | March 31, 2011 1:05 pm

Over at Harappa Simranjit has been allowing Zack to post his isopleth maps of the frequencies of ADMIXTURE components by region. He now has his own blog, The Jatt Gene. On unrelated note, does anyone know of an easy way to generate isopleth maps which is open source?


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  1. Garvan

    Quantum GIS (qgis) has an “Interpolation Plugin” which will generate a gradient vector layer between data points. The gradient will be between the max N S E W coordinates, so you may need to extend these with some generated data points so all the land mass is covered. You also need a nice sea overlay layer to show the land outlines.

    OpenJUMP is good at editing vector layers. I use it for things like merging polygons, creating the sea overlays, but I don’t see a plugin for creating an interpolated layer between data points.

    Both are free and work on Linux and Windows.


  2. pconroy

    The maps (isopleths) on Jatt Gene are fabulous – just what a cartophile like me loves!

  3. Charles Nydorf

    Coming from linguistics where isoglosses are indispensable tools of analysis, I find these isoplethic maps really helpful in understanding the ADMIXTURE results.


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