23andme Sale Tomorrow (April 11th, 2011)

By Razib Khan | April 10, 2011 10:02 am

23andMe Sale tomorrow:

For a limited time, you can order a 23andMe kit for $0 up front, plus a 12-month commitment to our Personal Genome Service® at $9/month. This is down from the regular price of $199 plus $9/month.

This promotional price will be available from 12:00AM PST until 11:59PM PST on Monday 4/11/11, or while supplies last!

Update: Sale is a go right now. 5 kits per person.

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Comments (11)

  1. John Doe

    Can we still download our raw probe intensity data with this?

  2. DK

    I am holding out – the price is still over $100 🙂

  3. USA only?

    not to my knowledge.

  4. Paul Ó Duḃṫaiġ

    I was able to order two this morning for both my parents. I’m based in Ireland and got the full sale price. The main cost for me is actually the airmail/return fares which work out at over $100!

    Still the total cost is about 1/3rd what I paid in December for the two kits I purchased then (airmail was same, kits were $99 each)

  5. Ian

    Ordered this morning. Sometimes procrastination pays off… 🙂

  6. Åse

    Sold me on it this time. 70 bucks for shipping to Sweden (so clearly not just the US – unless there is something I don’t know yet).

  7. moid


    I got this in conformation mail:

    ” Delivery time for international orders varies based on international customs procedures and can be up to 3 weeks. Please collect and ship your sample(s) to the laboratory at your earliest convenience. “

  8. Nick

    Ordered one for my wife, one for my mother-in-law, and one for me. Thanks for posting this Razib!


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