A call to genome bloggers!

By Razib Khan | April 11, 2011 4:25 am

A commenter asks below:

Do you know of any of the genome bloggers working on SE Asia?

Alas, I do not! Why not? I put up the ADMIXTURE tutorial in hopes that it would motivate more people. Zack is focusing on South Asia, Dienekes on the Balkans and West Asia, and David on northern Eurasia (though naturally they spread their interest further than that). Some of you did not see my update about the post on the Milesian Project. Why isn’t there a Milesian Project?

Academic scientists will come up with more powerful analytic techniques, and grab the high fruit which requires big metal/lots of parallel processing or hard-to-get-data. But there’s a lot people could already do if they are curious and have some computer time on their hands. I know that readers of this weblog have a great number of questions at the intersection of genetics and population history. You can answer some of them yourself! And then post them on the internet for me to link up….

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Comments (2)

  1. That was an Epic One.
    Looking at the post again, I’m so sorry I didn’t remember to use “Neolithic? Indian!!” as the title for my “3rd Revolution” run… 🙂
    I’d do something Milesian (ok, probably more Neolithic, I can’t avoid it) if I could get enough regional-tagged Irish and British samples though…

  2. Not sure Americans know about it, so that was a reference to Mr “Everything Comes From India”


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