Call for 23andMe samples!

By Razib Khan | April 9, 2011 11:03 pm

From Genome Blogger Diogenes. Here’s the details:

I’m very interested in samples from Europe, like Ireland (particularly the Western part), UK (all, but more Cornwall, Wales, Scotland Highlands), Finland, Scandinavia (especially Norway), Iceland, Switzerland, Austria (especially Tirol), Slovakia, Carpathians in general (regions of Romania, Poland, etc), Germany, Ukraine, Iberia and France (especially Alps, Massif Central, Pyrenees) with regional identification. Plus people from the Americas with significant known Amerindian ancestry (tribe or regional-tagged please). Also any mountain or island region in the world not represented in my current sample. I know I’m naming several regions with few participants in other projects. So I’m not even mentioning Madagascar, Sami, Indonesia, or Australian samples with known or possible aboriginal origin.

I need to do a post rounding up a list of Genome Bloggers and also pointers to data sources soon. Also, in case you haven’t kept track of it, Zack Ajmal has been pruning problematic individuals from the various data sets he’s been collecting (e.g., duplicates, very close relatives, etc.).

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  1. That would be helpful. When people ask me privately how to get more detailed ancestry results than 23andMe, I’m like, “Well, you gotta know a guy…” It’d be nice to have a list of blogs I could point them to and tell them to wait for calls for data that apply to them.

  2. Pohranicni Straze

    Do you know of any of the genome bloggers working on SE Asia?

  3. I live in Ireland but I’m South African of European (Scottish) descent. Any use?

  4. Ooo, ooh! You should ask over at Pharyngula. They have ppl from all over.

    I have an off-topic question Discover magazine had an article on the hypothesis that a neurotoxin in blue-green algae might trigger ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, or possibly Parkinson’s disease in biochemically vulnerable people. Those diseases are more common in people who live near bodies of water where the algae are found. I found one of the original papers about the first two: Cyanobacterial neurotoxin BMAA in ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. Any comments?


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